I’m Kelly, a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer.

5'2 and a half!

I've always been interested in design, creating for as long as I can remember. After living in the UK/London for 4 years we returned home to have our only & much wanted for a long time + loved gal, Zoe. My daughter was the fire starter for picking up a camera again. It's remembering all those moments in time and creating these for other people that really drew me to this occupation. Do what you love, love what you do.


Random Facts

Dislikes Chocolate.

Loves a coffee first thing.

Adores off the grid cabins for a family escape.

Has an HT license.

Fears heights.

Will turn down the stereo to park in the carpark.


Fact 1

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and am a type 1 diabetic, I may have been given a rough hand of cards to play in life but I always have a card up my sleeve. The funding of Trikafta has changed my life & I'm a huge advocate for CF awareness, I raised $27,000 for our association during covid times and that really filled my cup.


Fact 2

I met my husband, Scott at my parents motor camp they owned in Tauranga in my childhood. I often laugh we are trailer trash through this story.


Fact 3

Lived in London for 4 years and it was the best years of my life, top 5 places of travel - Croatia, Barcelona, Egypt, South of France, Prague.

I was a Nanny while we lived in the UK, little did I know it was preparing me for a new direction of family photography for when i got home. They say things happen for a reason :)